Hunyo 9, 2012

Requirements in Applying for BDO Credit Card?

Do you want to know the requirements in applying for a credit card? Whether you want to get your own credit cards in BDO or in the other bank here in the Philippines, there are requirements and documents involved, to make sure your application for a credit card will be approved immediately, please bring the following when you are visiting the bank f your choice.

- birth certificate
- NBI clearance
- old credit card if you have
- lot title
- proof of income
- other property documents such as cars and establishments
- business permits if you own a business
- issued valid government ID's 
- show money (it's not required but it's good to show it)
- other assets and liabilities

There are different documents required when you are applying for a credit cards especially if you prefer to have one using BDO services, submit all of these to the bank, do not forget top bring the original documents, however, the policy will always depends on how you will use the credit cards and bank company. Use your credit wisely. Good Luck!

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